Dear ChatWorld Users,

For years we enjoyed the fun of talking anonymously through ChatWorld and meeting new friends around the world.

Over recent years it came more clear that security for our adolescents and young people was a priority in keeping ChatWorld safe. 

Through the use of volunteer moderators this at one stage worked effectively to help keep users safe so you could enjoy your chat. 

We had a great group of dedicated moderators as well as dedicated spammers and trolls. Unfortunatley although the majority of moderators tried hard we also had our fair share of power abusing moderators who also attributed to ChatWorlds fate.

This caused myself and Jay many headaches and we discussed the possibility of closing down the chat site and concentrating on other matters & projects. We kept ChatWorld going and going because we love the idea of freedom of speech and being able to safely chat anonymously.

Now the time has come.. ChatWorld is closed thanks to Glitch and some other persistant trolls.
If these users have got any backspine, they will contact me and even enlighten me about the security holes that they found and help me rebuild ChatWorlds secruity.

We remember users like silversurfer and some crazy ladies who gave us hard times and also something to laugh about over their strange egos. 

All the enthusiasm I had to bring something free and funny, has to come to an end if the 
good for oneself comes less and the bad grows wildly.

I can say, we did have great times and i would like to say special thanks to people who 
really helped ChatWorld grow like JAY (Head of Moderation), Bir, Paul, Lily, Susanne, Steve and many more over the years. They also had many headaches from disrespectful users but done extremly well in their voluntary position. They just couldnt make everyone right but they did their best and and that gets my full respect.
We are all Human.
Thank you to all moderators over the years. 

And for all the trolls.. yeah.. also all the best. I hope you may grow up over the years.

Have a great time. There are other great things waiting for us. Peace and one love.
Chris & Jay
P.S. Image for the trolls! ☺😈